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Musicians Jenee Halstead & Danielle Miraglia started a podcast to avoid some other stuff they should be doing. Guests include musicians, comedians, anyone with a story to tell and each other.








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We chat with Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Artist Lisa Bastoni about her 10 year break from music, how she wrote a whole new album while her kids were sleeping, song contests and more.

Lisa Bastoni returns to music after ten years with The Wishing Hour (Jan. 2017), produced by Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Felix McTeigue (Lori McKenna/Anais Mitchell). Recorded in New York and Nashville, and also in her kids' playroom in the wee hours of the night, the album debuted as #1 most played album on Boston's WUMB. Lisa's song "Rabbit Hole" was the grand prize winner in the 2016 Great American Song contest. Maverick-UK writes: "Americana of the highest order, along the lines of Gretchen Peters or Patty Griffin, with high quality musos to match." As a solo performer, Lisa “has a grounded sincerity that rings true. Her lilting voice, evocative imagery and supportive guitar work make for a delightful combination.” (Rich Eilbert/LOMA)


Also referenced:

"Our Bodies Oursleves" by Judy

Norsigian http://www.ourbodiesourselves.org/history/obos-founders/judy-norsigian/ 

Jenee's Website:


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Danielle and Jenee catch up after a short hiatus. They talk shop about Danielle's trip toL.A., seeing PJ Harvey live and how the barrage of media and screens use has affected the way in which we relate to each other. 

Reclaiming the Power of Conversation in the Digital Age: https://www.amazon.com/s/?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&tag=pgpress-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&field-isbn=9781101617397

PJ Harvey and the Hope Six Demolition Project: http://pjharvey.net/



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We chat with Performer/Singer/Songwriter George Woods about his family’s musical legacy – his grandfather Harry Woods, who came up in the Tin Pan Alley era and wrote some the most popular songs in American history - “Red Red Robin” “Try a Little Tenderness” and “Side by Side” to name a few and his father who produced records for 60’s artists like Dave Van Ronk and more. We discuss how it compares to the business today, the changing platforms for releasing music and George’s upcoming album.


 Let's Put it Off Artwork Photo by Caroline Alden 


Jenee Halstead www.jeneehalstead.com

Danielle Miraglia www.daniellem.com



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Great chat with Boston Globe Music Critic turned Rocker Joan Anderman about taking the leap and starting a rock band at 50, the current state of the business and more...

Joan Anderman is a musician and a writer. Originally from Los Angeles, she worked for many years as pop music critic at the Boston Globe before leaving to launch Middle Mojo (middlemojo.com), a project exploring creativity and aging. Her band Field Day (fielddaymusic.com) plays frequently in Boston, Cambridge and beyond.


Danielle Miraglia Web site:


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Danielle, Tom and Jenee discuss award shows, competitions, winners, losers and why it is important to keep your cool on social media.


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Musician, local community organizer and activist Hailey Magee joins us to talk building your own scene, quitting Facebook and more...

Find more about Hailey at http://www.haileymagee.com/

Talisman Music http://www.talismanmusicgroup.com/

EBASS http://www.ebassmusic.com/ 



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Flashback to our Jan 2014 Episode with Boston Rock Star Will Dailey.

Will Dailey joins Jenee and Danielle for an thought provoking discussion on his major label deal, why listening to music is so important for children, his latest release National Throat and sharing a laugh with Neil Young.

Will Dailey is an independent, Boston-based recording and performing artist. His sound has been described as having a rich vintage vibe[1] while having a firm appreciation of AM rock, pop and big hooks.[2] He is notable as being the 3 time winner of the Boston Music Award for Best Male Singer-Songwriter in 2006 and again on December 2, 2009 and December 2, 2012. He has released albums with Universal, CBS Records, Wheelkick Records and JS Music Group. Dailey has released three full-length albums since 2004. His last full length album, Will Dailey & The Rivals, came out on Universal Republic Records, on September 20, 2011. On September 21, 2011, Rick Florino of [Artist Direct] said of the album, "it's not only his most inspired work yet, it's one of the best rock releases of 2011." In 2009 and 2010, Dailey released Torrent, which involved the artist digitally releasing a burst of new music approximately every three months, and then compiling that material, along with bonus material, as a physical and digital audio package twice a year. Dailey is also a part of the John Mellencamp and Stephen King musical project Ghost Brothers of Darkland County. Dailey is currently touring on his latest release National Throat.


"Sunken Ship" by Will Dailey from National Throat 2013 

"Higher Education" by Will Dailey from National Throat 2013

For more info visit: http://willdailey.com/

Mastered and edited by Tom Bianchi at 24 Hour Studios  http://www.24hourtom.com

Theme song performed by Danielle Miraglia, Jenee Halstead, Mally Smith and Tom Bianchi

Also check out www.carolinealdenphoto.com



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Susan Cattaneo - Singer/Songwriter, Performer and Songwriting Professor at Berklee College of Music joins Danielle and Jenee to talk songwriting tools, finding your truth as a writer and how she went from producing television to a full time career in music.


Susan Cattaneo is one of Boston’s most respected songwriters. A powerful singer and sophisticated writer, Susan combines vivid storytelling with a modern songwriter’s spin. Respectful of tradition, but not bound by it, Susan blends rock, folk and blues with a healthy dose of country. Call it New England Americana with a twang.

Susan’s latest album, Haunted Heart was released in January 2014 to national acclaim. It was voted one of Alternate Root’s Top 100 Albums of the Year, and won Album of the Year at the Limelight Music Awards.

This spring Susan performed as a finalist at the Philadelphia Songwriters Projectand at the Wildflower Festival Songwriters contest. Over the past two years, she has also been a finalist or winner at some of the country’s most prestigious songwriting and music contests: Kerrville’s New Folk Contest, the International Acoustic Music Awards, the Independent Music Awards, the 5 Unsigned Only Song Contest, the USA Songwriting Competition, the Mountain Stage New Song Contest, the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest.

In addition to being a solo performing artist, Susan has been teaching songwriting at the Berklee College of Music for over 10 years, and has also recently joined the Western Mass trio The Boxcar Lilies.



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Danielle and Jenee talk about the infuriating radio hit "It's Different for Girls," the different ways to make a living playing music and more.  Also, a drive-by FB Live bomb by Tom Bianchi.







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Jenee and Danielle discuss the pros and cons of competition amongst musicians and more.  


Theme song performed by Jenee Halstead, Danielle Miraglia, Tom Bianchi and Mally Smith.  Produced and engineered by Tom Bianchi.





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